Santa Ponsa Apartments

Tourist information and guide to apartments in Santa Ponsa – Book cheap Santa Ponsa apartments, Santa Ponsa holidays, Majorca. Santa Ponsa apartments offer the most quality service and party time all year round for the holidaymakers. Below you may find the Santa Ponsa apartments for your Santa Ponsa holidays in Majorca.

Surfing Playa Apartments Santa Ponsa 1 Key

Surfing Playa Apartments Santa Ponsa 1 Key

Surfing Playa Apartments are located in the popular resort of Santa Ponsa, just 100 metres away from the beach and a few minutes to the resort centre. Near to the apartments guests will find the commercial area with all kind of shops, cafeterias and restaurants.
Sun Beach Apartments Santa Ponsa 2 Key

Sun Beach Apartments Santa Ponsa 2 Key

Sun Beach Apartments are centrally located, in the midst of the popular tourist area Santa Ponsa. The local beach is just a few footsteps away and dining, entertainment and shopping opportunities can all be found in the vicinity.
Vista Club Apartments Santa Ponsa 3 Key

Vista Club Apartments Santa Ponsa 3 Key

Vista Club Apartments are situated on a hillside in Santa Ponsa, located only minutes from the beaches and an excellent range of shops, bars and restaurants.
Club Santa Ponsa Apartments 3 Key, Santa Ponsa

Club Santa Ponsa Apartments 3 Key

Club Santa Ponsa Apartments afford wonderful panoramic views over the bay of Santa Ponsa thanks to its fabulous hillside location. The complex is situated 1 km from the beach and 500 metres from the resort centre.
Plazamar Apartments Santa Ponsa 2 Key, Santa Ponsa

Plazamar Apartments Santa Ponsa 2 Key

Centrally located in Santa Ponsa, the apartments are very close to the beach and are 25 km from the centre of Palma. Nearby there are many shops, cafes and restaurants.
Holidaypark Apartments in Santa Ponsa

Holiday Park Apartments Santa Ponsa 2 Key

Holiday Park Apartments are located in Santa Ponsa, just a short distance from the resort centre, home to a selection of shops, restaurants and bars. The apartment complex is approximately 300 metres from the beach, making it perfect for a summer break.
Ola Bouganvillia Apartments Santa Ponsa 4 Key

Ola Bouganvillia Apartments Santa Ponsa 4 Key

Ola Bouganvillia Apartments is a 4 keys apartments complex surrounded by gardens and sunny terraces with two swimming pools to enjoy the nice weather on Mallorca.
Jutlandia apartments

Jutlandia Apartments 3 Key

Low-rise in design and hugely popular, Jutlandia enjoys a terrific reputation on the Irish market. Its family appeal is based on the quality of its facilities and service, and its location convenient to all the amenities of this busy resort.
Casablanca Apartments

Casablanca Apartments

A friendly atmosphere, high standards, great location and varied facilities make the Viva Rey Don Jaime an ideal place to stay, for couples and friends. Its modern interiors provide a great backdrop for your holiday.

Apartments in Santa Ponsa

For anyone touring through Europe, one must visit countries is Spain. Spain is a wonder-filled country. You will experience a genuine and authentic culture, and get to engage in the various activities with people from all over the country. While in Spain, one of the areas to add to your itinerary is Santa Ponsa. Lying off the Southwestern side of Majorca, Santa Ponsa is a small town dating back centuries ago. The city not only has a rich history, but it also has a few sites to visit, and various activities to undertake.
If you plan on staying in Santa Ponsa for a while, you should get yourself a lovely apartment to stay in.

There are many apartments to rent in Santa Ponsa, each, geared towards a different person. Here are the various kinds of holiday apartments Santa Ponsa has to offer.

Apartments in Santa Ponsa via hotels

When it comes to hotels, Santa Ponsa has an abundance of them. If you want to enjoy your hotel, it is integral to carry out a thorough scouting. As you know, hotels are rated in different stars. To have a decent experience, go for a four-star hotel, or an upwards of that. When you choose a cheap hotel, it might end up ruining your stay.
While hotels have become cheaper over time, decent hotels will still cost you a pretty penny, this is in comparison to most apartments. Thus, they are ideal for someone who is looking for a short stay or can afford it from their savings or alternate money source. If you are visiting the area for a weekend break, or luxury travel, then a hotel is the way to go.

Apartments in guesthouses in Santa Ponsa

Guesthouses are becoming more and more popular in the travel industry. There are different variations of guesthouses from. These can go from anything such as a beach hut to little bungalows, long term rental apartments, small hotels, and even a person’s house through platforms such as Airbnb.

Depending on the circumstances, you can often negotiate the price of a guesthouse. If you get a good host, they could even include breakfast or a few meals. Ideally, guesthouses fit travellers who are on a budget and are in the search for unique experiences. Fortunately, the same can be said for apartments. When you take a look at Santa Ponsa, you’ll get your variety of guesthouses to choose from.

Find apartments in Santa Ponsa through homestays

People travel to Santa Ponsa for various reasons. If you are visiting to get a cultural experience of the region and country, a homestay is a great way to go. The idea is getting a family you can live with. They will cater for where you stay, and most times, a designated member of the family will show you around. The home could be a bungalow, apartment, or even a mansion. Homestays are great when you want to immerse yourself in the cultural side of a town. In comparison to other travel living areas, a homestay is relatively cheap.

Find apartmens in Santa Ponsa via Airbnb and private house rentals

Airbnb is a favourite way for many people to get a place to live in during your travels. People rent out all sorts of Airbnbs, from single rooms, studio apartments, townhouses, and so on. Airbnb’s have a typical home feel; however, you might not get family pictures and personalised family pictures and paraphernalia. All things considered, private house rentals are a great way to go when living in a foreign area.

Many private house rentals are clean and clutter free, you have to decide if you want to cook for yourself or eat out. Either way, there’s definitely less hassle in living in an Airbnb place.

Moreover, from the rating, you can choose the best place for you, whether it’s an apartment or bungalow.
Private house rentals are versatile, and therefore ideal for a vast range of travellers. Whether you are travelling on a budget, luxury travelling, going as a family or group, or even long-term travel, Airbnb is the right fit for you.

Find apartments in Santa Ponsa via house sitting

House sitting mostly involves you
joining a community website and keeping on the lookout for when the opportunity arises. When a homeowner needs to travel, they could ask you to house sit for them. There are different classifications of homeowners, from those who own studio apartments, to those who own large houses. You’ll typically have to accustom your schedule to the home owner’s plan. However, when you get the right house, you’ll have it all to yourself.
Moreover, you’ll have some time to look around and get a feel of the community and culture.

The beauty with house sitting is you get free accommodation. It is ideal for people who can travel at a moment’s notice and can shift their schedule to fit the homeowners.

Find apartments in Santa Ponsa via couchsurfing

Couchsurfing has mushroomed as a result of the sharing economy. The concept is getting a person who you can crush on their sofa in their apartment –or a whole room if you’re lucky, for free. Ideally, your host will take you through the city and show you all the great cites. Couchsurfing is popular for travellers who are in search for authentic local experiences as well as people who are travelling on a budget.

Find apartments in Santa Ponsa within hotels

Apartment hotels are a relatively new way to get a place to live in when travelling. If the name is not obvious enough, they are a combination of apartment-style living and traditional hotel features. The idea is to have a design with amenities such as a reception, newspapers, cleaners, breakfast, and a gym.

Occasionally, there’s service to match that of a hotel. However, this all happens in an apartment.
The market for apartment hotels is for those who love a simple design of an apartment but still be able to get the service one would get in a hotel.

More about apartments in Santa Ponsa

When it comes to long-term travel, apartments are the new fad. The beauty of renting an apartment is in having a space that feels like home. If you are travelling with your family or friends, an apartment will be the ideal place to stay. You have probably noticed food in a foreign place can get expensive. This is because getting good food can be a tricky affair.

When you’re renting an apartment, you have the liberty of space. More importantly, you’re in freedom to cook the kind of food that tickles your fancy.

In this ever-increasing sharing economy, you will get many Santa Ponsa apartments that have been put up for rent. Thus, rental apartments are ideal for large groups of people or those travelling for an extended period.